Inspiration ~ Blog It Forward

Welcome! Today is my turn to share what inspires me. I’m one of 300 bloggers participating in a “blogger mash up” called Blog It Forward, created by Victoria at sfgirlbybay


I define Inspiration as anything that makes me feel creative, motivated, and even hopeful. Click on any of the photos for a larger (better quality) version.


My 80 year old father-in-law

Fresh Lists

Treasure Hunting

Hiking with friends (John Muir Trail-I'm on the left)


Just kidding about the olives. I just added that to gross my husband out.

The teachers and students at HTHNC

High Tech High North County

A spa visit (La Costa)

refresh, relax, dream


Yes, I enjoyed The Hurt Locker, but I really watch movies for the design and fashion. Shallow but true.


Kids at play


My marathon man

Visiting with friends

My two teenagers, for so many reasons, but two of which are their creativity and their wonderful way with kids.


Corey (& Emma)


Check out Sumanam’s blog from yesterday and Surviving Green for tomorrow. Check here for a full schedule of the fun and INSPIRING Blog It Forward participants. Thank you for visiting and even more for leaving a comment!



17 responses to “Inspiration ~ Blog It Forward

  1. So many great photos here. It is wonderful that you live and active and full life!

    I understand why your father-in-law is an inspiration. He looks so cool on the tennis court! Is that a glove he is wearing? Love the turned up collar.

    Also love the dog on the trampoline. That shot oozes relaxation!

  2. It was a complete delight to read your inspiring inspirations! I think you and I would get along beautifully together :)…

    I’m so happy to “meet” you, and thank you so much for sharing this part of yourself…


  3. We all need to pattern our downtime like the dog and enjoy the sushine more often!

  4. Lovely inspiration! And I want to see that pup jump on the trampoline! 😉

  5. fantastic inspiration and sweet photographs. what’s not lovely about celebrating your dad-in-law who plays tennis at 80! fantastic. thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Wonderful..I agree with Jennifer…your father-in-law is truly an inspiration… and your teenagers adorable..

  7. Chelsea @ Someday I'll Learn

    How fun! Your dog is adorable (as well as your kids and husband, of course)! Right now I’M being inspired by thrift store finds and borrowed books.

  8. Thanks for the great comments everyone, and yes, the dog-Roxi Ray (as in Ray Charles since she has a sight issue) can indeed jump on the trampoline. She just needs a little start from Corey. It’s a sight to behold.

  9. Love your inspiration list!

    I love books and learning too – it motivates me and inspires me.

  10. How lovely that we are both in the area! i love how blogging it forward connected us, and can’t believe how much you’ve already done in such a short time as a blogger! Bravo!

  11. Your photos are an inspiration. Your kids are my delight. Yourself, my joy. Much love, Mom

  12. Awesome gifts in your life and sweet pictures too!

  13. “I define Inspiration as anything that makes me feel creative, motivated, and even hopeful” — totally true, and inspiration is everywhere! in so many of the things you mentioned for me, too.

  14. Hey Mrs. Robinson…that picture of olives grossed me out too haha. I’ve never seen so many types of olives all sitting in one place together. (It’s just awful.)

    Hope you’re enjoying Spring Break! 🙂


  15. Nice to see I still know you. Loved your pictures and your thoughts. You have always inspired me.

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