In the mood…

My doting* husband got me an iPad for my birthday on March 2nd. Then thankfully, my brilliant* eldest son (17) noticed that we were within a week or so of the NEW iPad2 coming out so he talked my handsome* husband into returning it so I could order the brand new one. It is due to arrive in just a few days. I ordered it online at 1:00 a.m. Friday, March 11th. And yes, I had to set my alarm for that. For someone who is all about instant gratification, I am quite amazed at my newfound ability to wait patiently. Well, the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan helped put things in perspective, for crying out loud.

My adorable* youngest son (15) was quick to tell me his opinions on which color I should order (iPad & nifty foldable magnetic cover), whether or not I should get it engraved, and which games he will most definitely enjoy playing on it when it arrives. Sweet* husband is suggesting I create a sign-in sheet so they can all have their rightful turns using it. Um, get in line gentleman. Every manchild for himself. Good luck getting it away from me. I’ve never owned my own laptop, and although I have an embarrassingly torrid love affair going on with my iPhone 4, I have a feeling my new iPad2 will get ALL of my attention (short as that span can be at times!). I probably would have held off from the iPad craze but then Martha Stewart had to go and show that hot fudge dripping in high-res video on the cover of her new digital magazine issue. And I. heart. magazines.
I’ve missed blogging, bloggers, twitter, and creativity in general.

    I’m in the mood again.

*doting might be stretching it a tad, let’s just say that after almost 22 years of marriage and at least 10 years of the lame old married people’s vow of, “let’s not buy each other anything,” he scored major points with this one! His 50th is coming up in December (I am not nearly THAT old btw), so perhaps he is setting the stage, but either way, I’m fine with it. The other *adjectives are strategically placed to encourage these family members to keep gifting me iTunes gift cards because there are a LOT of digital magazines out now!! Plus, I think the iPad is worth purchasing just so I can slip it into this amazing accessory from Happy Owl Studios They’re also giving away an iPad2! Just enter by April 15th, 2011

Have you been tempted by the iPad? Do you own one? Are your kids and husband wonderful* like mine? Do you like chocolate? In other words, comments encouraged 🙂


One response to “In the mood…

  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging “buttercup”. Enjoy your new gift from your loving husband!

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