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100 things about me (or 76)

  1. I spent a lot of time in Paris.
  2. I have a rotten memory, which makes #1 less exciting.
  3. I own several grammar books but still can’t get it right. I know this because my mother in law continues to correct me. It’s ok, I want her to. I need welcome any grammar corrections.
  4. I’m a pretty darn good speller though.
  5. I’ve been married for over 20 years and I still like him.
  6. My maiden name is Brasfield so I love that my married name is Robinson-as in, here’s to you…
  7. I was born in Brigham City, Utah
  8. I grew up in Seattle
  9. My husband  qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon.
  10. If I had to choose a six word epitaph it would be: Was a friend to many children.
  11. I met my husband at the University of Colorado, Boulder
  12. I hiked a bunch of the John Muir Trail with 2 friends over 3 years-with a very heavy backpack. Yes, we saw bears.
  13. We saw naked hikers on the John Muir Trail. Two good-looking guys in their 20’s. We giggled a lot that day. It also makes the bear sightings in #10 less exciting.
  14. I used to be a flight attendant for Pan American airlines-and then for Delta when they bought Pan Am.
  15. I don’t care for snakes, or spiders, or any bugs really. Or rodents. Or…
  16. My coffee drink of choice? A sugar-free vanilla latte. Thanks for asking.
  17. I often think about becoming a vegetarian or a vegan or maybe a raw foodie, or at the very least a locavore. So far, none of those attempts have stuck.
  18. I don’t spend much time on Facebook anymore. I’m addicted to Twitter now.
  19. I was a vegetarian for two years and then I got pregnant, which made me want steaks and bacon.
  20. I’m a terrible gift giver.
  21. I love getting thoughtful gifts.
  22. My Dad’s been a Chief of Police and an elected Sheriff.
  23. I love fresh starts. I love fresh starts.
  24. We have 6 pets. We used to have an amazing bird named Tweety. He/she talked up a storm and barked liked a dog and mewed like a, well, you know.
  25. It bugs me when people misspell things-see #4.
  26. We spent two weeks in Hawaii for our honeymoon. I wish I could go back-go back to being skinny, young, and tan. Nah, just healthy and in shape and less frumpy would be lovely.
  27. My Mom’s just about the sweetest woman on the planet. I truly enjoy her company.  My Mom’s also the reason for #34.
  28. When we got married in 1989, we had 4 sets of parents between us. They all attended and they were all kind to one another.
  29. I will teach myself anything I want to learn. Case in point-my new blog. Big learning curve here.
  30. I’m grateful for my two amazing teenage boys-aka my I.T. guys. I like them for other reasons too.
  31. I still love my pink Blackberry Curve.
  32. We live 18 miles from the ocean but it takes 30 minutes to get there.
  33. It’s hard to imagine a world without chocolate. Or my family. Ok, family first.
  34. Kids like me. See #10.
  35. We used to run a little home school called Robinson Ranch.
  36. We picked this huge ol’ ranch style home (4400 sq feet) on 2 acres because of #35.
  37. Our home has a 5 foot wide 100 foot long hallway. It was great for indoor big wheel riding.
  38. Sometimes our property looks like Sanford & Son. Sometimes not.
  39. My friend ran the Paris Marathon on her 40th birthday. I went too.
  40. I finished NaNoWriMo this year. It was my first attempt.
  41. My “book” sucks.
  42. I’m tired of being the queen of frump. I’m working on that.
  43. We were going to name our boys Max & Noah. We went with Zachary & Corey. It was the 90’s. Our girl name choice was Annabelle Rose. Never used that one.
  44. I love having only boys. I would have preferred 4 but 2 is grand as well.
  45. I love being a family of four. It feels just right.
  46. I tried snowboarding once. I’ve never been so colorfully bruised in my life.
  47. I’m pretty creative…when I get around to it.
  48. My husband says I have time management issues. He could be right.
  49. I hate it when people are late.
  50. I like that our landscape zone is described as Mediterranean.
  51. Some of the things we used to teach at our school (besides the 3R’s): bread baking, Shakespeare, poker, Carlsbad 5k training, how to be a polite guest in someone’s home-this one was cute with the under 5 crowd.
  52. I need sunshine. That’s why #8 is no longer an option.
  53. My husband and sons surprised me with a pink bike a few Christmases ago. I still love it.
  54. I craved root beer floats and chips & salsa when I was pregnant. Both times. After giving birth each time I got over the root beer floats.
  55. I’m a bunch of pounds overweight. See #42.
  56. I have some very dear friends. They continue to love me no matter how long it takes me to return their phone calls, emails, and texts.
  57. I wish my boys were little again.
  58. Our boys are teenagers now. I like this stage too.
  59. When my husband and I argue-it’s usually my fault. Okay, always.
  60. Being near the ocean calms me.
  61. Hiking in the back country builds character.
  62. Peeing (etc.) in the backcountry takes getting used to.
  63. When I was a kid my Dad got me to go over to Henry Kissinger and get his autograph.
  64. I’ve served the likes of Mick Jaeger and David Bowie. See #14.
  65. I truly wish all humans could get the love and attention they offer on Extreme Home Makeover. And the new house.
  66. I could eat sushi most days. And mexican food.
  67. I love and respect my Dad a bunch. I miss him and wish he lived closer like my Mom does now. I think I’m a lot like him, well, and my mom. I guess that’s how that all works out usually.
  68. Over the years we’ve had three senior relatives live in our home. I have a deep appreciation for caregivers.
  69. I don’t like discussing politics or religion. That usually doesn’t end up well.
  70. I eat various goodies while watching The Biggest Loser. See #’s 33, 54, 66 and 42.
  71. We’ve been to a chocolate/wine tasting event. I would strongly suggest that.
  72. I try to be polite and kind to everyone. And smile to those around me.
  73. I believe my Twitter friends are some of the most interesting and amazing folks.
  74. I always mean well but sometimes that’s just not enough so I’m working on that too.
  75. I wish we had better internet service so I could upload the cool photo I picked out for this brand new blog of mine.
  76. I’m late for church-gotta go. Well, this is just for now, but still. See #48.

Have you done the “100 things about me thing”-or something like it? Let me know so I can go check it out.