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Inspiration ~ Blog It Forward

Welcome! Today is my turn to share what inspires me. I’m one of 300 bloggers participating in a “blogger mash up” called Blog It Forward, created by Victoria at sfgirlbybay


I define Inspiration as anything that makes me feel creative, motivated, and even hopeful. Click on any of the photos for a larger (better quality) version.


My 80 year old father-in-law

Fresh Lists

Treasure Hunting

Hiking with friends (John Muir Trail-I'm on the left)


Just kidding about the olives. I just added that to gross my husband out.

The teachers and students at HTHNC

High Tech High North County

A spa visit (La Costa)

refresh, relax, dream


Yes, I enjoyed The Hurt Locker, but I really watch movies for the design and fashion. Shallow but true.


Kids at play


My marathon man

Visiting with friends

My two teenagers, for so many reasons, but two of which are their creativity and their wonderful way with kids.


Corey (& Emma)


Check out Sumanam’s blog from yesterday and Surviving Green for tomorrow. Check here for a full schedule of the fun and INSPIRING Blog It Forward participants. Thank you for visiting and even more for leaving a comment!



What inspires you?

This neat Blog It Forward concept/option was presented by Victoria over at her oh so lovely website { sfgirlbybay }

Her question was What inspires you most?*

She received such a quick & huge (300 bloggers) response though that she had to close it soon after she suggested it.

I made the list but since some of you may not have heard of it in time to join in the fun, please feel free to link your post to mine when the sharing begins sometime around February 10th.

So start thinking about her question* and begin to draft your own post/photos to share.

I’d love to see what inspires you and of course I’ll be sharing mine here on my blog as part of sfgirlbybay ‘s “blog mash up.”

p.s. that sweet blog it forward badge was created by {creaturecomforts}